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Fire Resistant and Heat Resistant Cables

Due to its flame retardant and low smoke density properties; Cables used indoors and outdoors in places such as schools, hospitals, meeting and shopping centers where there are mandatory safety measures against fire.

PVC Insulated Wires

Cables used in closed and dry places, fixed facilities, distribution panels, under and over plaster as installation cables in pipes and in areas where mechanical stresses are present.

PVC Insulated
Y Type Cables

Cables used outdoors as energy, mains and lighting cables, underground in accordance with heavy-duty, laying and assembly conditions, and in fresh and salt water when specially manufactured.

XLPE Insulated
Y Type Cables

Cables used for city networks, street lighting, house connections and similar purposes, in accordance with heavy duty, laying and assembly conditions.

Rubber Insulated Cables

Rutubetli ortamlarda, hareketli ev aletlerinde, dahili ve harici her türlü hava şartında, yağlı ve sıcak ortamalarda kullanılan kablolar.

Elevator and Submersible Pump Cables

Cables used in submersible pump motors where mechanical stress is low due to corrosion resistance, oil resistance and working properties in fresh and salt water.

PVC Insulated Control Cables

Cables used as measurement and control cables in high temperature environments, external connections of moving or fixed electrical appliances, dry, humid and wet places and computer systems.


Sartel Cable, which has one of the largest machinery parks in its sector, has a high production capacity and diversity with its high technology products at international standards in its integrated facilities.

According to Turkish and international standards we are producing

Sartel Kablo is one of the rare companies that has the quality and product certification of each country it sells to. In SARTEL CABLE facilities, which produce according to Turkish and international standards; produces all low voltage energy groups.